Your Missing Vitamins: How You’re Undernourished and What to Do About It

Levi Kowalski

America is one of the most well-fed countries in the world. But the truth is, that you may get plenty of calories, your body isn’t getting enough of the essential vitamins and minerals it needs to function properly.

As Stacy Mclyntyre, a certified registered nurse anesthetist with over 25 years of healthcare experience, explains, “Our bodies require vitamins, minerals, and electrolytes to survive, so we need to get them through eating and drinking. Years ago, our food was full of micronutrients. Today, they're barely existent in them. So we can eat and eat and we're still not getting the required amounts that we should, and people are suffering because of it: decreased energy, weaker immune system, most of us feel run down, we don’t get enough vitamin C, B12, or vitamin D3--especially here in Washington through sunshine.” With over 90% of Americans suffering from lack of potassium and over half suffering from lack of magnesium, calcium, vitamin C, Mclyntyre knew something had to be done. “When the opportunity arrived for me to open the Rejuvenate IV Hydration and Wellness Center, I realized that this was a great way to step out of the hospital and help people on a personal level.”
Rejuvenate IV Hydration and Wellness Center helps her clients get essential hydration, micronutrients, and minerals through an I.V, entering straight into your bloodstream for your body to use more efficiently. Starting with a needle inserted into a vessel, it is administered into your bloodstream via a bag of sterile water with the essential vitamins and minerals. The treatment generally takes 30 to 40 minutes, doesn’t hurt (besides the initial pinch), and has a cooling sensation. After that, you’ll start to feel the benefits either immediately, or within the day as your body makes use of and absorbs those minerals. “Pretty soon you’ll start to feel some effects, increased energy, fewer headaches, a clearer mind, increased hydration (especially if you have had the flu), boosted athletic performance and recovery, assists women with PMS symptoms, and some unseen benefits, like a boosted immune system, increased metabolism and improved cardiovascular system.”
At her heart though, Mclyntyre does this because she wants to help people, from a military medic, a nurse anesthetist, to a health and wellness center owner, it’s at the core of who she is. While not running her clinic, or working a local hospital, she spends her free time enjoying the company of her family on her farm as well as the beautiful outdoors of Washington with her three dogs.

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Rejuvenate IV Hydration and Wellness Center

Location: 205 Lilly Rd NE bldg B suite B, Olympia, WA 98506


Author: Levi Kowalski - IN TEAM MEMBER

Levi Kowalski is a local Freelance copywriter and writer in the Seattle and Thurston County area that works with healthcare providers, fitness

and the health industry.

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