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Welcome to ExploreFortCampbell.com

We are Veteran owned

ExploreFortCampbell.com was created by Dave Maestas, a retired US Army Special Forces "Green Beret" and Airborne Ranger.

"When I first retired from the Army I started businesses. I found that I was working 8 hours per day on my business and another 8 trying to do marketing myself. I was networking, I was spamming every facebook group I could. I was proud of all I was doing but I still wasn't getting the successes I wanted.

I started paying for advertising. I got no results. I got no feedback of my advertising to even know if the ads were effective. I got nothing. I paid thousands, tens of thousands of dollars! There are tons of "digital marketing" gurus out there.

I shut down my business and set out on a mission to learn everything digital marketing. I learned social media management, creating videos, graphic design, website building, I taught myself a great deal and then got offers to help others. I launched my digital agency but there was still some things that were missing. I could create content all day for social media, I got hundreds of thousands of views. But it didn't convert to sales. Let's face it, a funny video is not going to make someone buy a widget!

So I really started digging for what are the cutting edge technologies that are out there and what made some businesses successful. I found a great deal of knowledge from entrepreneurs who are building revolutionary software programs. Some asked me to demo their software with my efforts. Some I bought into right away knowing it was a "secret sauce" that I could use. I then started building directory sites such as ExploreFortCampbell.com for cities, counties, military bases and organizations. These are not just any old websites.

Our sites are revolutionary with our software enhancements.

Fast forward to today, our sites had 24 million views in 2023. We have over 300,000 people in our social media group or follow our pages. This is just one site of 25 sites that we have! Yes, I am busy these days. But the fact remains, I know how to build traffic and all of the digital aspects needed to make a business successful.

Come do a quick demo of our site. You should have an "A-HA" moment when you realize what we have built. It's HUGE.

At the end of the demo is a link to do a zoom call with me. At the very least, we learn about each other. I like meeting fellow business owners. Even if we don't do business together, I will still keep you in mind should someone ask me if I know someone with your services."

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