Tribes defy Tyrannic Inslee - Opening Casinos

Native Tribes are sovereign nations and as such do not have to follow "Tyrannic" Governor Inslee's decrees.   As such, without fear they have defied his requests to follow his fake science and politically motivated opening plans and decided to open on their own accord as they have the right to. 
Angel of the Winds Casino in Arlington opened last Wednesday and had a "line of cars" stretched for miles to get in. Two hours prior to opening the parking lots were filled and the tribal police had to turn people away.  Some people drove hours to get to the casino.  "We believe its time. We believe we have enough safety protocols in place like other places that have not shut down,” said Travis O’Neil, General Manager of the casino. (King5 News)
All of the tribes opening their casinos have done their due diligence and taken many steps in order to ensure that their guests are treated with the utmost precautions.  
The Facebook pages for these casinos have erupted with hundreds of comments and happy customers excited to enjoy freedom again.  
You may expect to have your temperature taken, masks and gloves expected to be used in most casinos.  
In an amazing turn of events, Lucky Eagle Casino has decided to remain closed until sometime in June.  Though the huge jump in revenues seen from the other tribes will no doubt have an impact on their decisions.  
Governor Inslee's tyrannic hold is rapidly decreasing and many democrats have openly jumped ship and now state that they will not vote for him in November.  A 40,000 strong new Facebook group erupted with Republicans, Libertarians and many democrats together calling "foul" with the double standards of the Governor.  See the group HERE. 
The Constitution exists again on Tribal lands.   
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