The Chinook Are Coming


It's that time of year and the Chinook Salmon are coming back to spawn. Starting August 4th, Native harvesters will be gathering these chinook as they come in which gives you the great opportunity to get some. The chinook is known as the "king salmon" in many places for its large size and flavorful flesh

Chinook may spend one to eight years in the ocean (averaging from three to four years) before returning to their home rivers to spawn. After a few years in the ocean, adult salmon, then large enough to escape most predators, return to their original stream beds to mate.

The Chinook salmon is spiritually and culturally prized among certain Native American peoples. Many celebrate the first spring Chinook caught each year with "first-salmon ceremonies". While salmon fishing is still important economically for many tribal communities, the Chinook harvest is typically the most valuable.

Chinook salmon were described and enthusiastically eaten by the Lewis & Clark Expedition. Lewis wrote that, when fresh, they tasted better than any other fish he had ever eaten.

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