REVENGE: Thurston Elementary School Attacks Parents through Kid's Report Cards

As we have reported on the political antics and toxic behavior within Mountain View Elementary school and their secret CRT curriculum over the past year, the end of the school year is here and report cards are out.  Mountain View Elementary School has sought revenge on us.
The art teacher, Yvonne Kunz gave my daughter a "NO" towards applies effort towards academic goals.  She was one of the primary means for teaching the CRT curriculum through the school.  Rather than focus on art, she habitually gravitated outside of the art curriculum which many parents were unaware of until we divulged that information to parents. She did the same for our son.  It's an online art class Yvonne. Surely you are better than this. 
Our son's teacher, Cindy Williams gave a less than stellar report.  When there was absolutely NO means to accurately measure any student efforts, her report is absurd and embarrassing for Mountain View Elementary.
Williams and IEP teachers gave my son a previous report that he was at grade level and now all of a sudden, they state that he is below grade level.  Now, his report on EVERY single subject was labeled with "1" which is not meeting Washington State and district standards.  He got a "1" for "makes positive choices."  REALLY!!!!!??? How do you determine that when he is doing on line courses.  Overall, since we watched the classes, the teaching was less than a "1" to begin with.  If at any time Cindy had told us that he was performing below grade level, we would have hired tutors to fix her inability to teach.  This is not indicative of my son's performance.  This is indicative of Cindy and the school failing to inform us IF he was performing below grade level.  My wife was the PTA President. She was more active with that school and teachers than any other parent. Realistically this is indicative of toxic behavior to target us as the parents of our children for reporting to parents of Mountain View the secret meetings and teachings happening within Mountain View. 
My wife and I were present in almost every single of their classes and these reports are nothing more than a political attack and not based on merit or behavior.  As active as we were with the school and PTA, this report card should not be a complete surprise if Cindy or Yvonne did their job and at least kept us informed. 
None of the other students received these grades as reported to us from other parents. 
Political revenge from schools should never be tolerated.  Parents need to get involved with their schools.  These political teachers and administrators such as the Mountain View Elementary Principal, Heather McCarthy who is now going to provide her toxic leadership to another elementary school (Evergreen Forest) in Thurston next school year, cannot be tolerated by parents or the school board.  
This is Thurston County.  If you are reading this, more than likely you live here as well.  If you speak up against these people, you may be next.  Your kids will be the next to receive these political scores.  "Equity" as they now teach, is definitely not for those who speak up.
FIGHT BACK.  We are.  Feel free to contact us so that we can help report the unethical and toxic behavior in our schools.  This is why parents are pulling their kids from Thurston schools in droves.  Email us HERE. 
Click to write and stay in contact with Thurston School Board members: 
Keep this in mind when voting in new school board members.  
KELLY DUNBAR: You are behaving like a 4-year-old. Shame on you for sinking to this level. I am embarrassed by you and for you. Kelly Dunbar, long-term employee of this district and a staff member who has cried tears of sadness at the thought of losing Heather and for knowing there are selfish, inconsiderate people such as yourself raising our children.
Apparently Kelly thinks informing people of their antics is "inconsiderate."   Not once in her note did she note how unfair this revenge behavior was to our children. Instead she attacked me personally. Embarrassing. NOTE Kelly, our children deserve more than having toxic staff members in our schools. 
7/2/2021 - School board writes to teachers and refuses to respond to the people, voters.  Make no mistake, the school board is elected.  They work for us!  Apparently speaking up makes you toxic, causing fear and anger.