One pound composting/bait worms $28

PO Box 1412
Toledo, WA 98591
United States

Lou’s Worm Farm is a small composting worm farm in Toledo, WA, near the mighty Cowlitz River. We strive to help our community (both locally and globally) turn waste into a remarkable resource through the power of composting worms.

We sell bed run composting worms by the pound meaning you’ll receive a mix of baby, juvenile and adult worms. Our red worms are a mix of three different types that work all layers of the compost (not just the top two inches) making a superior, faster compost!

A pound of worms can include a combination of:

• Eisinea fetida (Red worms)

• Eisenia hortensis (European night crawler)

• Perionyx excavatus (Blue worm)

Our gathered worms are cleaned free of compost and bedding before weighing. When you buy from us, you’ll only pay for worms!

One pound for $28
Two pounds for $50

We ship Monday-Friday

Worm wishes,
Lou’s Worm Farm