Fall Bus Information - North Thurston Schools


Getting ready for Fall includes sorting out your transportation to school!

Find your bus! Search for your bus stop, including pick-up & drop-off times using your home address we have on file. Update your address with your school office.


Tips for a smooth ride:

• Bus routes are planned tightly. BE FIVE MINUTES EARLY. The time listed is in the middle of a 10-minute window. The bus will not wait.

Check your School Messenger settings! Make sure your contact information is current with your school. Adjust your settings by activating your School Messenger account using the email address we have on file for you.

Pick-up & drop-off times as well as route numbers are adjusted through the school year as needed. Written notification will be handed out by the bus driver to your student and will remind you of the change via School Messenger.

Please be patient! The first few weeks of school, drivers are learning names, bus stops, routes, and more – they tend to run late and get more consistent every day. If a bus is more than 10 minutes late, we will attempt to notify you via School Messenger.

Review the route with your student! Sometimes students get on an old bus and are not aware of route changes.

Don’t Worry! If your student does get on the wrong bus, they simply need to tell the driver and not get off the bus. Dispatch will be notified and the student will be taken to the bus barn for reunification.

Kindergarteners! All Kindergarteners will wear colorful tags identifying them, their stop, and bus exit instruction. District policy is all Kindergarten students must be met at the bus stop by a parent/guardian or designee. You can fill out a waiver form if you give permission for your kindergartener to exit the bus by themselves or with a sibling.


Special Education Students! You will receive a separate communication from our Transportation Department with your bus information.

Stay Tuned! We will post a master list of all the stops including pick-up and drop-off times on your school’s website.

Questions? Visit the Transportation Department’s website for our FAQ, contact information, and more!


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