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Basic listing $0.00
You can post your business information which will not fall under the featured listings but at least they can find you if needed. 
This listing does not give you access to our social media groups. For access you must select featured listing.  
The video links will feature's choice however will not compete with your business directly.  
Featured One Year Listing - Monthly fee $39.99
25,000 average monthly visits to  We have over 18,000 members in our Facebook buy/sell groups.  We drive traffic to the site and you!  The value of this is great.
Monthly payment unless you are an IN Team member (Thurston's top business networking group).  Featured one year listing includes up to 10 photos, link to your web site, 1 video clip, coupons and featured placement. 
This also includes membership into the INTeam (one year agreement required), Thurston County's premier business networking group.   Learn more at  If you are an INTeam member already, see the IN Team Facebook group page for the discount code to join for FREE!  
Join the IN Team and get for FREE!  Visit
Your business deserves success.  
What else do you get?
Access to our Thurston Groups which has over 18,000 members.  
Got an event?  Add your events to the event page of our site!  We will also share your events on our social media pages and groups!  
Yearly payment $99.99
We get it, you may not want the monthly option which includes membership to the IN TEAM, Thurston's premier business networking group.  So we made an option that just gives you a featured listing on and access to our social media groups at a reduced and very reasonable rate, basically it's $8.25 per month for you to have access to our social media groups and be seen on our website with over 30,000 monthly visits.  
Our groups are exclusive.  You won't see tons of traffic from other businesses.  Why?  Most are thinking, "I'm not gonna pay for that."  We know.  That is also what makes our groups unique.  Plus, we help to share your listing so that you gain more business.  Our #1 priority is to help you at least get a return on investment (ROI) by joining us.  It's worth it. 
Yearly listing includes your business information and a link to your web site and social media.   This includes 10 photos of your business and work.  Add a video of your business.
If you have questions, call us 7-days a week 9am-9pm.  360-900-1913.
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