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Basic listing for arts and crafts $17.99
The basic listing is designed for those who make arts and crafts at home and want to get greater exposure and sales.  You have access to our Thurston facebook group with 14k members. 
You can post and update your business information which allows you to be found on our site.  Over 20,000 monthly visits. 
We do share to our social media which drives the traffic to our site and you.  You will have access to our social media group FOR SALE: Thurston County.
The video links will feature's choice however will not compete with your business directly.  
Does not apply to:
Any business with a business license
Direct Marketing companies 
Yearly Membership $199.97
Featured 1 year listing on our site.  Rotated on the home page.  Average over 20,000 visits per month.  $299.97 per year.  
Membership to our Facebook group: FOR SALE: Thurston County with 14,000 members. 
Our Facebook groups are exclusive.  You won't see tons of traffic from other businesses.  Why?  Most are thinking, "I'm not gonna pay for that."  We know.  That is also what makes our groups unique.  Plus, we help to share your listing so that you gain more business.  Our #1 priority is to help you at least get a return on investment (ROI) by joining us.  It's worth it. 
Yearly listing includes your business information and a link to your web site and social media.   This includes 10 photos of your business and work.  Add a video of your business.
If you have questions, call us 7-days a week 9am-9pm.  360-280-1068
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