Kraken Professional Hockey

Climate Pledge Arena
334 1st Ave
Seattle, WA 98109
United States

Suitable for Children

Event Dates and Times
Looking for something to do? Have you discovered Washington's team? KRAKEN!

Come see a professional hockey game. Fun for the whole family.

Experience the Thrill: A Night with the Seattle Kraken
Seattle, a city already rich in sports culture, has added another gem to its crown with the Seattle Kraken. As the latest addition to the National Hockey League (NHL), the Kraken has quickly become more than just a team; it's a phenomenon bringing together fans from all walks of life. If you've yet to experience a game, you're missing out on an electrifying adventure that combines sports excellence with unparalleled entertainment. Here's why you should make plans to attend a Seattle Kraken match.

Unrivaled Atmosphere

Stepping into the Climate Pledge Arena, the home of the Seattle Kraken, is like entering a different world. The energy is palpable, with fans decked out in deep sea blue and ice white, cheering and waving flags. The state-of-the-art arena amplifies every cheer, every hit, and every goal, creating an immersive experience that's rare in sports venues. It's not just a game; it's a communal event where the spirit of Seattle comes alive.

Heart-Pounding Action

Hockey is known for its fast-paced, hard-hitting action, and the Kraken games are no exception. Witnessing these athletes skate at breakneck speeds, execute strategic plays, and battle it out on the ice is nothing short of exhilarating. Each match is a display of skill, determination, and teamwork, offering moments that will have you on the edge of your seat. Whether you're a lifelong hockey fan or new to the sport, the sheer intensity of the game is guaranteed to captivate you.

Family-Friendly Entertainment

Kraken games are designed to be enjoyed by fans of all ages, making it the perfect outing for families. Beyond the action on the ice, the arena is packed with entertainment options, from interactive fan zones to live performances during breaks. Kids and adults alike will find something to love, whether it's meeting the mascot, joining in on fan chants, or simply enjoying the game. It's an environment where memories are made, and the joy of hockey is passed down through generations.

The Heart of Seattle Sports

Attending a Kraken match is more than just watching a hockey game; it's embracing a piece of Seattle's identity. The team has quickly become a symbol of the city's resilience, diversity, and community spirit. Supporting the Kraken means joining a family of fans united by their love for hockey and their city. It's an opportunity to be part of something bigger, to share in the highs and lows, and to witness history in the making.

Make It a Night to Remember

Whether you're planning a night out with friends, a family outing, or simply looking for a unique Seattle experience, a Kraken match delivers. Beyond the game, the area around Climate Pledge Arena offers a plethora of dining and entertainment options, making it easy to turn game night into a full evening of fun.

So why wait? Dive into the deep end and join the wave of excitement. Grab your tickets, don your Kraken gear, and prepare for an unforgettable adventure. Witness the passion, the drama, and the glory of NHL hockey, Seattle-style. A night with the Seattle Kraken isn't just an event; it's an experience that will leave you cheering for more.

2/19/24: Seattle Kraken vs. Detroit Red Wings
2/22/24: Seattle Kraken vs. Vancouver Canucks
2/24/24: Seattle Kraken vs. Minnesota Wild
2/26/24: Seattle Kraken vs. Boston Bruins
2/29/24: Seattle Kraken vs. Pittsburgh Penguins
3/2/24: Seattle Kraken vs. Edmonton Oilers
3/8/24: Seattle Kraken vs. Winnipeg Jets
3/12/24: Seattle Kraken vs. Vegas Golden Knights
3/14/24: Seattle Kraken vs. Washington Capitals
3/16/24: Seattle Kraken vs. Nashville Predators
3/18/24: Seattle Kraken vs. Buffalo Sabres
3/24/24: Seattle Kraken vs. Montreal Canadiens
3/26/24: Seattle Kraken vs. Anaheim Ducks
3/28/24: Seattle Kraken vs. Anaheim Ducks
3/30/24: Seattle Kraken vs. Dallas Stars
4/9/24: Seattle Kraken vs. Arizona Coyotes
4/11/24: Seattle Kraken vs. San Jose Sharks

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