Discover Quiemuth Resort & Village at the 2023 Real Estate Forum

Olympia Hotel at Capitol Lake
2300 Evergreen Park Dr. SW
Olympia, WA 98502
United States

Pricing/Ticket Info
Tickets are priced at $50 per person.
Suitable for Children

Event Dates and Times
The anticipation is building as the 15th Annual South Sound Real Estate Forum, hosted by the Thurston Economic Development Council (EDC), is just around the corner. Scheduled for Thursday, September 28, 2023, from 11 am to 1:30 pm, this event promises to be an enlightening experience for anyone interested in Thurston County's real estate landscape.

Keynote Speaker: Skylar Olsen, Zillow’s Chief Economist
One of the highlights of this year's forum is the keynote address by Skylar Olsen, Chief Economist at Zillow. With her extensive experience in economic research, Skylar will provide invaluable insights into the real estate market's current state and future projections.

Explore Thurston County Real Estate Trends
The Real Estate Forum will serve as a platform to showcase the vibrant community of Thurston County. Attendees will have the opportunity to discover a wide array of properties, including commercial, retail, residential, and industrial spaces. It's not just about properties; it's about networking and finding new opportunities.

Unveiling Data and Trends
For those seeking data-driven insights, the forum will not disappoint. Experts will present the latest trends and data related to real estate development in the South Sound region. This information will include projections for commercial, industrial, retail, and residential properties, providing attendees with a comprehensive overview of the market's direction.

Thurston County: A Unique and Growing Market
Thurston County is rapidly becoming one of the fastest-growing regions in the United States. At the Real Estate Forum, experts will delve into what makes this market so unique. Understanding the factors contributing to Thurston County's growth is essential for anyone interested in real estate in the area.

Event Details
WHO: Thurston EDC

Register for this exciting event by visiting the official website and secure your spot. Additionally, the forum will feature discussions about a commercial heavy mixed-use development, including a casino, hotel, event center, cultural center, multi-family residential, and more, set to commence within the next 12-18 months.

Don't miss out on the opportunity to gain valuable insights, network with industry experts, and explore the thriving real estate market of Thurston County at the 2023 Real Estate Forum.

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